Exploring Music

A New way to learn to read music


The concept for my book came about after years of teaching, and seeing students fall into the same traps, over and over. Many of the popular method books for piano, and other instruments focus solely on getting you playing, fast! Of course, this is what we all want to do! But it shouldn’t come at the cost of real understanding. 

Using a brand new method of translating visual representations of notes onto traditional staff notation, Exploring Music focuses on expression of ideas through musical notation. We keep the focus on how the notation works for you, to more effectively express your ideas, or the ideas of the composer! 

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Lexi Villasana



Lexi is an Oakland based illustrator and maker, with her own card and art print line- LIKELY LEXI. Her work revolves around mystery and in between worlds, with a penchant for portraiture and botanical symbolism. She is inspired by ghost stories, family heirlooms and vivid dreams.

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